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locanda reloup, isasca, ritorante

The appetizer is a pleasant Italian way to start a lunch or dinner with friends. At Reloup there is always a "cold mix" composed mainly of local products - from Venasca salami to Tomino di Valle - without neglecting carpioni, herb omelettes, vegetable or meat salads. Often a vegetable flan or a warm puff pastry completes this course.

antipasto misto freddo
cold mixed appetizer
antipasto misto vegan
mixed vegan appetizer
sformatino di patate con bagna caoda
potato flan with
bagna caoda
first dishes

On the menu, among the first courses, ravioles - potato gnocchi mixed with local cheese - as well as egg pasta, corn pasta, risotto, soups and au gratin.

ravioles della valvaraita
(potato dumplings with local cheese)
tagliolini with meat sauce
summer perfume risotto
main courses

The second course ranges from "tradition" in the strict sense of the term - with the financier and the bagna caoda - to the more classic preparations such as roasts, braised meats, stewed tripe, sea or freshwater fish. Mixed cheeses from Valle complete the offer.

baked pork ham
sliced ​​at the table
escalope cod
bagna caoda
la bagna caoda
the sweets

The end of the meal is held in high regard therefore also in this case the variety of the proposals goes from the classics - crème caramel, bonèt, panna cotta, tart with apricot jam - to less usual preparations such as ice cream with goat's milk, the buckwheat cake with cherry jam or the cake stuffed with ramassìn, the almond and pistachio pudding or the berry plumcake (both vegan)

creme caramel
creme caramel
tortadi grano saraceno e marmellata di ciliegie
buckwheat cake
and cherry jam
crostata con mascarpone e gocce di cioccolato
mascarpone tart
and chocolate chips
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