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isasca and surroundings


The small town of Isasca taken by the drone. Below the Locanda Reloup with the large parking area


Entrance to the Municipality of Isasca from the Varaita Valley


Table and benches adjacent to the parking lot

San Massimo

The church of San Massimo, in the center of the small town, where Holy Mass is celebrated every Sunday morning

Ingresso Isasca

Entrance to the small village along the church of San Massimo


Ordinary scenes in Isasca, goats graze quietly and occasionally pose!


Leaving the car on the Isasca square you can make many walks, from the very easy ones to more demanding excursions. Both on foot and by MTB.


The paths around Isasca cross varied landscapes: from steep meadows to chestnut woods, between streams and small waterfalls

San Chiaffredo

The church of San Chiaffredo - patron saint of Isasca - is a few minutes walk from the center. It is open once a year (first weekend of September) on the occasion of the Patronal Festival


The water of this fountain, in Isasca, attracts many tourists and vacationers as it has been discovered to have particular diuretic and purifying properties


An inevitable appointment is the Mechanical Artistic Crib that every year - from Christmas to the end of January - is set up in Isasca. A meticulous precision work with narration in Italian and Piedmontese.


At 2 km from the center of Isasca, there is the La Fenice II Sports Association which offers various activities with horses.

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